What We Do

We make water better.  If you have a problem with your water, whether it’s taste, odor, or staining, we can help.  If your laundry isn’t as clean as you would like, we can help. If your sinks, tubs and showers have deposits on them, we can help.  If you are concerned about chemicals in your water, we can provide treatment. Whatever your concern, we can probably find a solution.

The first step is always testing.  If your water is provided by a city, county, or water district, we can use the EPA required Consumer Confidence Report as a starting point for our analysis and then test further as necessary.  If your water is provided by a private well, we can provide a basic water analysis to diagnose some common problems and possibly use the NC Department of Health lab resources for further analysis.

The second step is your deciding the type of treatment you would like to have. We can first provide some guidance about initial cost and ongoing maintenance and then give you a firm installation cost.

The final step is our installation of your water treatment system and you enjoying its benefits – clean, clear and safe water.

We said final step, but to keep your system working at peak efficiency, it will need periodic maintenance.  We can provide that maintenance for the life of your system.