Water Treatment Products

Water softener
A water softener can perform multiple tasks. It’s most commonly used for the job its name implies – softening water. That means removing hardness minerals from water. Those minerals are mainly calcium and magnesium. They can make it hard for soap to get you or your laundry really clean. Hard water can also create build up in showers, tubs and toilets. It can clog pipes, create deposits in water heaters and other appliances. In addition to removing the main hardness minerals, a softener can sometimes be used to remove iron and manganese, two other troublesome minerals.
Iron reducers
Our NoChem iron reduction filters can be the most economical method of getting rid of the odor, taste and staining of iron in water. A tank of filtration media with a backwashing valve can eliminate relatively small amounts of iron and produce clean, clear water. For higher concentrations of iron, we offer several different products that can address any situation.
The majority of wells in our trade area have water that is acidic – that’s a pH below 7.0. Acidic water is corrosive. It can corrode plumbing piping, connections, and fixtures. A water leak caused by a corroded pipe or connection can be a costly consequence. A tank of neutralizing media with a backwashing valve can usually cure this problem before disaster strikes.
Carbon filtration
Most Common Municipal Water Product
This is the most often used as whole house filtration for water that has already had disinfection treatment. Chlorine disinfection can cause offensive odor problems as well as creating potentially harmful disinfection byproducts. A filter containing granular activated carbon can remove offensive tastes and odors while also trapping disinfection byproducts.
Other Available Products

Contaminant Specific Filtration

Arsenic, fluoride, hydrogen sulfide and many other contaminants can be addressed.

Ultraviolet Light

Environmentally friendly method for disinfection

Drinking Water Systems

Everything from simple carbon filters for chlorine removal to nitrate and fluoride reduction

Reverse Osmosis

The best solution for reducing several contaminants with one piece of equipment. Available for drinking water, coffee shops, restaurants and homes.