Water Treatment Services


Basic water analysis

On-site testing for PH, TDS, Hardness, Alkalinity, Iron(total and soluble), Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Nitrates

Existing equipment evaluation

Evaluate water conditioning system health and future viability. Perform basic water analysis of raw and treated water. Take sample(s) for coliform testing. Results provided within 72 hours. Determine approximate age of equipment and previous maintenance. Compare current installation with Water Quality Association standards. Evaluate condition of media tank(s), control valve(s), regeneration tank(s) and any other installed equipment. Determine media levels and compare with control valve settings. Compare probable future maintenance requirement costs versus partial or complete upgrade of equipment.


One-time repair and/or ongoing scheduled maintenance is available for almost any residential or commercial water treatment equipment. There are hundreds of brands of water treatment equipment, but most share common components. We have access to repair parts, filter cartridges, and media to put inoperative equipment back to working order.